Temporary closure

  • U+1F5EA-001

    Two Speech Bubbles

  • ⊂ Il n'y a rien à faire ici … ⊃ ⊂ …à part la télé… ⊃


  • w.n.

    Black offset printing, 5,2 × 4 cm

  • Brétigny Notre Ville, №6, p. 15


Following the measures implemented, the art center is closed and all our activities (exhibitions, workshops, events, etc.) are postponed to a later date.

During this period, we will work differently, in particular via the CAC Brétigny website, which already hosts many digital resources:

  • Revue:

    The CAC Brétigny online review is an editorial space, both hybrid and flexible, from which to develop vanishing lines and experiments with textual forms. We invite artists, researchers, writers to experience through writing the research themes that innervate the exhibitions and the various projects of the art center. The Revue thus combines various forms, ranging from essay to fiction, including poetry; special attention is also paid to the translation of texts and authors who have never been translated into French.

    New texts by Emilie Notéris, Sébastien Charbonnier, Louise Aleksiejew, Tarek Lakhrissi, and many others are coming, meanwhile, you can now discover the previous contributions.

    Check the review

  • The ABCC of CACB, by Coline Sunier and Charles Mazé:

    As part of their residency, Coline Sunier & Charles Mazé create an alphabet based on a collection of letters, signs, and symbols from a variety of contexts and time frames involving both CAC Brétigny and the larger territory covered by the art center, as well as artists invited to exhibit their work. This corpus is now embodied in a new typography called LARA. LARA has been activated on each communication supports, which are considered publication and dissemination points for the collection. By associating multiple voices within the same typography whose glyphs continue to grow in number, with writings that are by turns vernacular, institutional, personal, and public, the ABCC of CACB is an attempt to publish the geographic, political and artistic context in which CAC Brétigny is found.

    Check the residency's project
    Explore LARA

  • “Them” and “Us”: What Brings Us Together, What Divides Us, by Clemence de Montgolfier:

    Who is one speaking about when one says “them” and “us”? What point of view is one adopting? What defines the “us” with respect to others? Can one find the means to be together that include differences without wanting to erase them? The residency “Them” and “Us”: What Brings Us Together, What Divides Us resulted with an exhibition and a website where participants of all ages create a collaborative or community media that generate possible answers to these different questions: newspaper, podcast, videos and card game are available online.

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    Graphic design: François Dézafit
    Web programming: Sacha Béraud
    Images and texts: Clémence de Montgolfier


The art center team remains available, do not hesitate to contact us:

Céline Poulin, Directrice
Camille Martin, Production manager
Elena Lespes Muñoz, Communication and public outreach manager
Milène Denécheau, Technical and public outreach manager
Julie Kremer, cultural mediator in charge of the residency-mission (CLEA)