• “Fantastic Sâr”

    Artmaking workshop

    Following a tour of the show, our young visitors will create fantastic headdresses in order to don a new identity of their choosing.
    From 3 years old.

  • “Magic Wizz”

    Artmaking workshop

    After discovering the show, our young visitors will invent a superhero character. And inspired by what they see, they will create a symbol and apply it to a cloth cape using a printing technique.
    From 8 years old.

  • “Super Family”

    Family artmaking workshop conceived by Louise Siffert

    In this workshop, parents and kids together create a character endowed with extraordinary powers. Making a kind of detachable mascot using a range of accessories – each person representing a particular power, etc. – this created character will only really take shape when the family is together.
    From 3 years old. 

  • Sâr Dubnotal

    Performance day—TaxiTram

    Informations to come.