Radius Working Group, Christian Nyampeta (Session #7)

Friday 24 March 2017, 6 pm

Radio broadcast

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    Left Speech Bubble

  • ⊂ maçon ⊃


  • w.n.

    Black offset printing, 1,4 × 1,6 cm

  • Brétigny Notre Ville, №4, p. 13


This week, Elsa M’Bala replays one of the previous compositions in conversation with the poems of Christopher Okigbo. In the exhibition space at CAC Bretigny, Marie Preston invites Nicolas Sidoroff to reflect upon the musical practices and its relation to popular education. The session ends with an introduction by curator Katrin Klingan on Now is the Time of Monsters. What Comes After Nation? This is a manifestation of art, theory and science at HKW in Berlin, co-curated by Dasgupta, Nanna Heidenreich and Katrin Klingan, about the histories, ambitions, failures and other futures of the concept of the nation.


  • Vocales 04.02—23.04.17 (Exhibitions)