Saturday 9 December 2017, 3.30 pm

Last day of the show

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  • Valentine Schlegel, Andrée Vilar

    Red earthenware, black slip

  • Rue Bezout, Paris


On the final day of the show we will have the chance to listen to the collector Pascal Marziano speak about the history of his collection of ceramics while we enjoy herbal teas brewed from plants picked in Provence.

Pascal Marziano began assembling his collection of ceramics from the postwar boom years in 2005. He started by selling his stamp collection and changed the object of his obsession. Today he possesses one of the great collections of ceramics with every purchase a story in itself, like the salad bowl by Valentine Schlegel or one of Elisabeth Joulia’s pieces. These two artists were friends and showed their work in 1955 at Galérie La Roue as part of the exhibition “Abstraction et Poteries usuelles” (Abstraction and Everyday Pottery). It was in this show that Valentine Schlegel first exhibited her large vases.

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