Saturday 9 June 2018, 3 pm-5 pm

Roleplay with Alexia Foubert, Clara Pacotte and Esmé Planchon (adults)

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  • ① 🧠 SCA 🗣️ 💓 👉 L’Homme, Connaissance, Sentiment, Action en présence de documents


  • Paul Otlet

    Black ink

  • Mundaneum


For adults. Reservations are required for groups: reservation@cacbretigny.com or +33 (0)1 60 85 20 78.

Alexia Foubert lives and works in Paris. She writes and questions on, supposing that on assumes a diverse range of forms. A role in roleplaying possesses its language, a stick is not only a stick, a place tips over and is viewed through a circle, the potato is not harmless. She infiltrates and co-awards diplomas created with others. And she doesn’t only act alone. With Sarah Cerisel and Simon Guirriec (and joined by others), she co-founded the research group orama. She recently joined Zoé Philibert as one of the principal editors of the poetry review Remugle. With Léon Lenclos, she co-created the review Quatre-Quarts and with Samah Slim co-directs La Combine ( In 2016 she was the artist-in-residence at the CONA Foundation in Mumbai, where she set up the project Distractions, which she also curated. She is currently preparing a piece dealing with so-called panic rooms, is looking into a writing project in collaboration with Anna Lejemmetel, and finally is working with Alexandre Delauw-Rivière on a series of performances.

Clara Pacotte experiments with a video art that falls between documentary and fiction. She is the creator of fantasy science fiction in which she explores social alternatives by tackling questions of gender and community. Her work combines her various multimedia practices. A cofounder of Éditions Oparo, where she published a novel in 2017 titled Mnrvwx, she is also active at the Cheapest University, specializing in science fiction and various types of feminism with Charlotte Houette. She is currently preparing a docu-fictional film steeped in insurrectional science fiction, and a documentary on the WisCon science fiction convention.

Esmé Planchon is an author, storyteller, and actor. After graduating from the Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique du 7ème Arrondissement in Paris, Planchon earned another degree in storytelling at the Maison du Conte. In 2014 she published Faut jouer le jeu, a young-adult novel under the Médium imprint of the Ecole des Loisirs. She is currently at work on her second novel. She is also part of a duo with Helena de Laurens and together the two women perform in shows that are part recital, part Burroughsian cut-up, and part musical, including Les Sextes, récital érotico-historique and Les Gextes, a piece for theater and dance that is constructed like a collage of texts and games. She has written and presented performances that delve into the power of fiction in daily life. Planchon also writes and performs stories for children. She does workshops in nursery schools and performs movie-stories in cinemas and wandering shows at exhibitions.