Call for application—Residency-mission

Deadline for application: April, 21th

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  • Lycée Jean-Pierre Timbaud, Brétigny-sur-Orge


A call for applications is launched towards artists or groups of artists for a residency-mission at CAC Brétigny conducted for the inhabitants of Cœur d'Essonne Agglomération for the year 2019-2020 on the following theme: Otherness. This call takes place within the framework of the Local Artistic Education Contract (CLEA) contracted in 2017 by Cœur d'Essonne Agglomération for three years, the Drac Île-de-France and the Académie de Versailles, in partnership with the department of Essonne.

The call for applications can be downloaded below with all the necessary information. To apply, the artist or group of artists must be residing in France and mastering the oral and written use of the French language.

The complete file must be sent no later than April 21, 2019 by electronic or postal mail to the attention of Céline Poulin:

  • CAC Bretigny, Rue Henri Douard 91220 Brettigny-sur-Orge

For all inquiries:

  • Elena Lespes Muñoz, Communication and public outreach manager: 01 60 85 20 76 and
  • Julie Kremer, cultural mediator: 07 84 16 47 64 and