Saturdays, October 26th, November 16th, November 30th and December 14th, from 3 to 4:30 pm and by appointment

Family artmaking workshop conceived by Yoan Sorin

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  • Dana Michel and Yoan Sorin

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Family artmaking workshop conceived by Yoan Sorin

During this workshop, parents and kids are encouraged to think of their bodies as both a form and a material that can be sculpted, one they can situate in space to create a tableau. Following a tour of the show and short warm-up with music, they play together at a game of sculptor and statues. A deck of cards produced by the artist and bearing directions for what to do helps them to pose each other in the exhibition venue. Parents and kids then pose in front of a camera for a family portrait, drawing their inspiration from postures they explored earlier. The photo is then printed out and eventually decorated and colored in by the whole family.

From 3 years old. Registration: reservation@cacbretigny.com or +33 (0)1 60 85 20 76