Research day. Orality: The Spoken. Modalities and practices of collective art-making (1/2)

Saturday 21 January 2017, 10 am-5.30 pm

MAC VAL, Musée d'art contemporain du Val-de-Marne

Numerous practices involving joint works or cooperation between artists grant special importance to speech, the exchange of words. Taking that realization as its starting point, the two-day seminar will tackle the empowerment at work in speaking and voicing opinions, the involvement of processes of deconstruction and subjectivization in the production of multiple voices, and the importance of translation in this polyphonic perspective.


Speakers and participants

Talks by François Deck, Devora Neumark and Sébastien Rémy. Featured participants include: Céline Ahond, Camille Chenais, Mounir Creanza, Marie Fraser, Vanessa Desclaux, Carine Guimbard, Rafael Medeiros, ÉmilieRenard, Anna-Katharina Scheidegger et Mathilde Villeneuve.



9.30 am–10 am: Welcome
10 am–10.30 am: Introduction by Marie Preston
10.30 am–11 am: Talk by François Deck
11 am–11.45 am: Discussion between François Deck, panel and guests 
11.45 am–12:15 am: Talk by Sébastien Rémy 
12.15 am–1 pm: Discussion between Sébastien Rémy, panel and guests
1 pm–2.30 pm: Lunch
2.30 pm–3 pm: Talk by Devora Neumark
3 pm–3.45 pm: Discussion between Devora Neumark, panel and guests
3.45 pm–5 pm: General discussion
5 pm–5.30 pm: Wrap-up


  • Vocales 04.02—23.04.17 (Exhibitions)