Radius Working Group, Christian Nyampeta (Session #6)

Friday 17 March 2017, 6 pm

Radio broadcast

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    Left Speech Bubble

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    Black offset printing, 1,4 × 1,6 cm

  • Brétigny Notre Ville, №4, p. 13


This week, artist and musician Elsa M’Bala continues with her compositions. Curator Stéphanie Airaud reads the new French translation of Ali Mazrui’s The Trial of Christopher Okigbo. Art historian Soko Phay discusses her work with curator and artist Marie Preston. Phay’s research focuses on the erasure of evidences within the construction of memory of genocide and mass killings, in Rwanda and in Cambodia. In New York, writer Mary Wang reads the headlines of this week’s news of the Dutch elections, an event considered a global gauge of the state of right-wing populist nationalism.


  • Vocales 04.02—23.04.17 (Exhibitions)