Radius Working Group, Christian Nyampeta (Session #10)

Friday 14 April 2017, 6 pm

Radio broadcast

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    Left Speech Bubble

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    Black offset printing, 1,4 × 1,6 cm

  • Brétigny Notre Ville, №4, p. 13


On the program this week, Elsa M'Bala continues her musical dialogue with Christopher Okigbo in a new composition. Then it is the dancer and performer Lina Schlageter’s turn to present a new excerpt from Ali Mazrui’s Procès de Christopher Okigbo (Trial of Christopher Okigbo) that has been specially translated for the event. We will also hear an excerpt of the 25 March talk that Béatrice Guillier gave at CAC Brétigny, “Le boudoir et l’atelier: la transmission féminine entre savoir-être et savoir-faire sur YouTube” (The Boudoir and the Studio: Female Transmission Between How To Be and How To on YouTube). Currently a student researcher at EHESS, Ms. Guillier examines the DIY tutorials on YouTube as conversational spaces, existing between female normalization and empowerment. Finally, a few excerpts from the second Another Roadmap Africa Cluster symposium, recorded last week in Johannesburg. ARAC is a group of practitioners of art and cultural education who work in both formal and informal contexts on the African continent. Together they have created a common collaborative program of research into educational artistic practices to build a shared corpus of knowledge and a structure for mutual learning.


  • Vocales 04.02—23.04.17 (Exhibitions)