Pillow Programme


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    Color print, 4,7 × 4,2 cm

  • Annuaire de l’Essonne, p.506


Laura Burucoa
Gwendal Coulon
Oak Collectivo avec Etienne de France
Éric Giraudet de Boudemange
la gousse
Clara Pacotte
Anna Principaud
Louise Siffert
Antoine Vallé

Curated by Equipe CAC

Objects for wiling away the hours, means of communication, tools for both emotional and critical learning – more than ever screens seem to be an intimate part of our daily lives. In front of and through them, artists share our fascination, boredom, and irritation with them. While we are waiting for the opening of the upcoming exhibition, we have decided to launch “Pillow Programme,” an experimental video channel whose content is available on the center’s website. The CAC Brétigny staff is inviting certain artists who have been a part of the center’s daily existence, who have shared in and supported its activities, to contribute to the medium in a time of social distancing. These eclectic and singular works involving sight, sound, reflection, taste, and poetry testify to the experimentation that is now driving them. You can discover the range of work making up “Pillow Programme” from your couch, armchair, desk, or bed as we all wait for a time when we can once again gather in Brétigny.


#1 Antoine Vallé, Ce n'est pas que la nuit, Serie En Jachère
#2 Louise Siffert, Ginger Bug, Serie Ginger Bug
#3 Gwendal Coulon,  Faire de la peinture
#4 Anna Principaud, Particules variation 1
#5 Éric Giraudet de Boudemange, Myodésopsie

#6 Antoine Vallé, La couleur c'est le soleil, Série En Jachère