Fanny Lallart & Romain Best

Table of killjoys

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    Parenthesized Number Ten

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    Color printing, 0,3 × 0,4 cm

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Fanny Lallart & Romain Best, Table of killjoys, 2020                                         
Wood, 450 cm x 121,5 cm x 78 cm. Artists’ production, work in deposit at CAC Brétigny—under the direction of Céline Poulin.

Table of killjoys was originally created for a series of roundtables that took place in October 2020 at the ENSAPC. This programme of discussions, of readings, was organised by Fanny Lallart during her master’s degree and developed a critical approach to the school. Drawn from a text by Sara Ahmed[1], the idea of killjoys as a feminist subject is the common thread running through this space for dialogue, represented by the table. A space had to be created for those who have struggled to create their own, a table to sit at and listen to voices too rarely heard.

The object carries the memory of this event with phrases taken from the oral exchanges pyro-engraved on its edges, like notes that pick out the themes addressed, inscriptions that fix these voices in time.

Today, it is reactivated in another context: CAC Brétigny’s workspace. Imagined like a meeting place, this soft, round object renders the way in which individuals organise themselves around its surface visible as well as how speech circulates.

[1]Sara Ahmed, Oristelle Bonis, Les rabat-joie féministes (et autres sujets obstinés)*, in Cahiers du Genre 2012/2 (n° 53), pages 77 to 98. Consulted online 9th June 2021:

Fanny Lallart (born in 1995 in Lyon) lives and works in Montreuil and is an artist, writer and activist. She co-curated the project ELGER with Céline Poulin while she was in residency at CAC Brétigny in 2021. She graduated with a masters from the l’École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts de Paris-Cergy (ENSAPC) in October 2020. Her final project took the form of an open radio dedicated to dialogue. For the last few years, she has been developing critical work through collaborative writing and projects. She published her dissertation in the form of a fanzine entitled 11 texts on unpaid work, art and love, in which she examines our relationship with work and draws on the ideas of authors like Elsa Dorlin, Sara Ahmed and Sarah Schulman. She is the co-founder of Show, a participatory student review. Alongside Thily Vossier, she also co-created “Minimarket”, a series of exhibitions that took place in a grocery shop in Lyon between 2016 and 2019. In 2021, Fanny Lallart is in residency at CAC Brétigny.