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Friday 9th of July, from 2:30 pm to 4pm, Plessis-Pâté

Artmaking workshop created by Juliette Beau Denès

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    Black print, 5,2 × 4,3 cm

  • Brétigny Aujourd'hui, Hors-Série Été, p. 6


The artist Juliette Beau Denès invites the participants to use the bedroom poster format; it portrays popular icons and promotional representations of girls bands and boys bands. This specific media mixes individual identities with collective identity and will allow participants to define themselves as individuals as well as within a group. 

Open to all.

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Avenue Gilbert Fergant, 91220 Le Plessis-Pâté
Informations and bookings: 07 62 96 99 84 / mairie@leplessispate.fr