The energyballs are floating and the friendship is very strong

Friday, October 29th 2021

New podcast available on r22 Tout-Monde

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  • Dyms

    Red and blue felt-tip pens, 13 × 13 cm

  • La carte des communications


“The energyballs are floating and the friendship is very strong” podcast produced with Sara Bouazzaoui, Yasmine Kicha and Shveta Lebonheur available on r22 Tout-Monde:

“I met Sara, Shveta and Yasmine during my residency at CAC Brétigny when they were still students at the high school nearby the art center. Throughout the discussions I learned that the three of them were practicing drawing and painting. It was perfect because the art center offered me to organize an exhibition following my residency. Carte blanche, the invitation was leading to another.

In June 2021, I therefore propose to Shveta, Yasmine and Sara, to paint images to share about futures, fantasized or feared, while I will take care of shaping them. For this collaboration, we saw each other several times this summer, in Brétigny but also at my workshop in Romainville. While picking up Sara from the metro that day, she pointed out to me that after discovering their place of life and their worlds, it was their tunr, to discover mine. Between these painting sessions, several recordings were made and here is the result.”

Laura Burucoa

On the occasion of the exhibition “Waiting for the flying cars”, Laura Burucoa presents the fruit of radio collaborations that took place during her residency “Deux fois mille” at the art center on r22 Tout-Monde.