Le photographe, les crêpes noires et les crêpes blanches

Saturday, April 16th 2022, 8pm

Zoé Philibert and Reynald Pelletier, photographer

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Entrusted this season to Vincent Thomasset, this edition will highlight very unique gestures, often overlooked. They are watchmaker, conductor, horseback riding instructor, topographer, photo printer or housewife. In partnership with the CAC Brétigny and in connection with the exhibition "The Real Show", Vincent Thomasset invited the artist Zoé Philibert to collaborate with Reynald Pelletier, photographer.

Reynald Pelletier started photography at the age of 18. He practices it in a photo club in Arpajon. Passionate, he particularly likes to share specific gestures on film development, which is increasingly being lost in favor of digital tools.

Zoé Philibert studied at the National School of Arts in Paris-Cergy. Coming from the visual arts, she imagines works that are are at the crossroads of the practices of movement and poetry. She claims to be an artist-choreographer, who moves less to speak more and who makes dance from writing.

Evening organized in partnership with the Théâtre Brétigny. Detailed program and information on theatre-bretigny.fr