Uses & partners

Workshops, unaccompanied or guided tours, a range of special events and Q&As, lectures, group discussions, research initiatives—CAC Brétigny continues to thrive in a number of ways for and thanks to its users. The different uses of the center are naturally a function of those who make them a reality. Partnerships can also be formed to realize specific projects together. 


Admission is free and the center is open Tuesday to Saturday, from 2 to 6 pm. Late openings during evening performances at Théâtre Brétigny.

Tours by appointment for the other days. A docent is on hand at all times in the exhibition space and is happy to help anyone in his or her discovery of the center’s exhibitions and other activities.

We organize guided tours with commentary for groups by appointment here, mornings from 10 am to 1 pm, and during regular opening hours.

Outreach tools

Visitors are provided information tools at the center and on our website.

A small exhibition catalogue gives the basic information for the works on display.

"Les Devignettes", a self-adhesive poster for children and young people brings together educational aims and the pleasure of collecting.

Visitors may also find themselves greeted by a bit of "outreach water". The plants used to create these flavored waters contain different qualities that help to preserve and promote the visitor’s wellbeing. Relaxing, energizing, or stimulating, they are devised according to a body of knowledge transmitted by Géraldine Longueville. The artist came up with the gesture during the "JUMP" show. She wanted to pass on this knowledge to the outreach staff as a resource that would enrich their practice and add to the uses of the art center in keeping with current projects and exhibitions.

The DP (press kit) is available for downloading approximately one month before the start of each show. It exists to help journalists as much as teachers who would like to prepare for a class visit, or indeed anyone who is looking for additional information on the art center’s projects.


This is about approaching art practically, that is, by practicing it.

Every Wednesday at 2:30 pm and 4.30 pm when an exhibition is showing, practical amateur workshops are held by the outreach staff. The creation of fanzines, story workshops with the Brétigny-sur-Orge media library, introduction to graphic design—the activities are varied and cover all of the media seen in contemporary art, all in order to approach art by manipulating forms. These workshops are free to the public and are meant for individuals, day care centers, associations, and other socio-cultural organizations. Groups must register. They can do so here.

We also put together specific workshops by appointment here, mornings from 10 am to 1 pm and during regular opening hours. These are held in our exhibition galleries and Edutainer, as well as at our partners’ venues.

Special events

Several special events are usually held for each show and according to the guest artists’ own projects, including a primal political therapy workshop by Liz Magic Laser which was hosted by Adèle Jacques, or discussions with Sébastien Rémy or Marie Preston for the Vocales show. It’s all laid out in our events calendar!

Archives and documentation having to do with these events can be found at the bottom of the Events pages.

Specific projects

Projects and artists’ residencies are organized in the region in conjunction with our social, educational, and cultural partners or with local businesses. The projects are always jointly worked out in discussions with the actors involved, giving rise to innovative and occasionally unexpected forms and practices on both sides, the artists and our partners.

  • Artists’ residencies in a school setting thanks to projects like PEAC (Artistic and Cultural Educational Projects) or PACTE (Artistic and Cultural Project on Educational Territory)
  • Projects jointly realized by an artist and local organizations:
    • see La Mémoire en conflits, realized in collaboration with the Development Department of Territorial Initiative of Drac Île-de-France
    • see [co-] realized by Marie Preston in conjunction with the "Vocales" show
  • Residency-mission as part of a CLEA (Local Contract for Artistic Education) between Cœur d’Essonne Agglomération, Drac Île-de-France, and the Académie de Versailles:

Research cycles

Each year a research cycle is worked out in partnership with one or more organizations involved in education or cultural, pedagogical, or social initiatives.

“L’Oralité, le parlé” (Orality, the Spoken) was coproduced in 2016-2017 with MAC VAL and Université Paris 8, and with the participation of Villa Vassilieff, the Université du Québec à Montréal and ÉSAD •Grenoble. This cycle is in dialogue with popular educational organizations and local partners coming from a range of cultural backgrounds. These initiatives are meant for art lovers of all ages and young researchers, and can take many forms: conferences, workshops, lectures, performances, screenings, etc. They are held at CAC Brétigny, MAC VAL, and/or Villa Vassilieff.

The next research cycle is in the process of being worked out in detail and is looking to form deeper ties with the region.

Proposed partnerships

We are open to all proposals for partnerships with associations (cultural, socio-cultural, social...), primary and secondary educational institutions, schools of higher learning, day care groups of all kinds, businesses, etc.

Eager to develop projects that are more adapted to the necessities and the specificity of the contexts in which our initiatives come to fruition, we build our projects in collaboration with our partners, notably for the Finale. Thus, each year from May to July, before the summer break, performances, exhibitions, screenings, and workshops are held not only at the art center but also directly in our partners’ own spaces and in connection with the inhabitants of the region (see Evening screenings at the Centre Emmaüs Solidarité Bois de l'Abbé in Épinay-sur-Orge).

For further information on our partnerships or to become a partner, please contact our outreach staff: