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    Latin Capital Letter T

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  • CAC Brétigny

    740 × 617 units

  • BALI.otf


“Transmissions” is a web radio service designed “for,” “by,” and “with” the art center’s many different users. A place for coming together to exchange ideas, this broadcast invites visitors to give voice to what they think and feel about the center’s shows, featured works, and artists. “Transmissions” is working to extend outreach to narratives other than those offered by the institution, seeking through web radio experimentation and trial-and-error to upend traditional educational connections. Drawing its inspiration from the famous literary movement Oulipo (Ouvroir de littérature potentielle, or Workshop for Potential Literature), this web broadcast is taking shape as an ouvroir de médiation potentielle, a “workshop for potential outreach.” Play and conversation invite our listeners to enter CAC Brétigny through the intentionally dissonant and diverse perception of all who set foot inside the center.

In collaboration with *DUUU Radio and with the support of the Region Île-de-France.
Curator: Elena Lespes Muñoz.